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Rock Stoner Radio Colombia Episodio 5 – “Ishtoner Brasiuu”

Journey with us into the Sabrosura of Brazilian Stoner. We go Tri lingual on this, show breaking down international borders with Stoner Love. We visit Rio de Janeiro for an exclusive interview with Electric Goat Combo… Break out the air guitars and get ready to shake your brazilian bikini asses!

01 “Green Devil” Electric Goat Combo (BRAZIL)
02 “Black Flame” Fuzzly (BRAZIL)
03 “Elemental” Forsik (BRAZIL)
04 “Hurricane” Hellbenders (BRAZIL)
05 “Astray” Mocho Diablo (BRAZIL)
06 “Devil´s Delight” Stripclub (BRAZIL)
07 “Eterno” ITD (BRAZIL)
08 “Winter and the Fall” Voodoolord (BRAZIL)
09 “PsychoFuzz” Beach Combers (BRAZIL)
10 “Enxofre” Bordel INferno (BRAZIL)
11 Interview Electric Goat Combo (BRAZIL)
12 “Stay With Me” Billygoat (BRAZIL)
13 “Remember that you are dust…” Lúgubres (BRAZIL)
14 “Laberintos de Hipnose Bestial” Vincebuz (BRAZIL)
15 “The Color out of Space” Te Voy a Quebrar (BRAZIL)
16 “Explode my Life Again” Flaming Moe (BRAZIL)
17 “2 Wheel Nation” Acid King (USA)

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