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The adventure of the 70000 TONS OF METAL Part II

Day 3 – February 1, 2023

A beautiful Caribbean morning found us with the boat stranded on the beautiful Bimini. A small paradise full of restaurants, gift shops and the most beautiful beaches you could have glimpsed. Sit and sunbathe on a deck chair, enjoy a drink and observe the majesty of the Freedom Of The Seas in the distance. An image that costs to describe with words. The option is to stay on the boat and rest, since the shows will resume when the ship returns to sail at 5 in the afternoon, when in the Pool Deck Evergrey, they arrive at the platform, New setlist compared to his previous presentation. It was Vicious Rumors turn, at the Royal Theater, an amazing show remembering the classy power metal

IMG 20230201 121411 1500x675 - The adventure of the 70000 TONS OF METAL Part II

After 10 pm, Kreator was doing his thing in the Pool Deck, riffs of the fuck and a frontman who takes possession at superhuman levels. Not for something are the parents of the thrash metal. In the Ice Rink; Obscura providing a correct performance. The moment arrives in the Ice Rink; Cancer. These masters of classic metal taught how to travel to the most oppressive confines of sadness, and return to the world of mortals with a victory under their arms. The capacity to transmit despair, fear and anger makes you enter a trance from which it is hard to escape.

Day 4 – February 2; 2023

Everything good has an end, and arriving to the last day of the cruise, The morning started early with the amazing Iron Savior, detonating the Pool Deck with its overwhelming power ​​Metal. Nice way to start the day with a crushing sun and a lot of adrenaline. At 11:30 we return to the Pool Deck, with a sun to rajatabla to witness the second set of Amberian Dawn. On the last day, people have a tradition of dressing up, so it is quite common to witness pogos with people disguised as pirates, Pikachu, a huge dinosaur, unicorns and many more bizarre. Even Jesus made his appearance. You can not be more epic than that. Around noon the infamous «Belly Flop Contest» is celebrated, where overweight people throw their bellies in the pool and undergo the scrutiny of a jury made up of members of the participant bands

image 72 1500x1125 - The adventure of the 70000 TONS OF METAL Part II
Courtesy 70000 Tons

Traditionally, on the last day of the cruise, the All Star Jam, an hour and a half show where more than 30 musicians of all the bands present join to play metal classics, and where You can see mixtures as different and incredible covers as we referenced in this post

Incredible mixes for a historic, relaxed jam and among friends and acquaintances of the entire metal community. You can not ask for more. In the Ice Rink a different proposal: Jungle Rot, The show was very explisive and varied, putting a share of thrash to the cruise. Going to the Ice Rink to enjoy a bit of the presentation of Atrocity. Death Metal to the badges with a lot of attitude and a frontman who literally leaves everything on the scene, screaming like a sick person. A waste of violence and intensity for one of the hottest shows of the night.

Cynic appeared in the Royal Theater, practicing a very melodic Progressive Metal, with dyes to Dream Theater, it was one of the few proposals entirely Prog of the ship. With a show very focused; the band gave a superb performance, both instrumentally and vocally. A very heartfelt performance for songs that raise their intensity live, transporting you to a land where emotions sprout everywhere. Very high note for Cynic.

Dark Tranquility was unleashing all its arsenal in the Pool Deck and they offered another brilliant show, sense, and with a Mikael Stanne that embraced every crowd-surfer who came forward. Hypocrisy returns to take by assault to the presents with a demolishing show in the theater. As they had anticipated an amazing setlist and performance Overwhelming. It was midnight and Kamelot had already 15 minutes of his set in the Pool Deck The powerful voice of Tommy Karevik combined with Melissa Bonny (vocalist of Ad Infinitum) lived close by and people in disguises became more and more present. Water was flying everywhere as people sang the mega catchy chorus of «Rule The World» or «Forever» The finale to close the night was a short and powerful show by Nightwish. An amazing voice of Floor Hansen, Mixture of classic themes where songs such as the epic The Greatest Show on Earth, Dark Chest of Wonders, Ever Dream and Nemo stood out.

Andy «Skipper» takes the stage and gives a speech of thanks to those present. confirm the next stage of the cruise, Soon the new destination and dates for a new version of 70000Tons Of Metal is near

The body said enough but the soul wanted to continue. The party continues on the deck of the ship where hundreds of metalheads gather to celebrate the end of a unique experience, adorned with Karaoke sessions where everyone is free to participate. Definetly an experience that every metalhead must live at least once time. we hope the next tour dates will be announced SOON!!!!,


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