Rock Stoner Radio Colombia – Episodio 11 «Classicos 4 Siempre»

On this Episode we pay tribute to the Classic bands that get our juices flowin´. Rock out with us as we rock out to Brazil´s Statik Majik (1st international stoner act to play Medellín). Hear the Colombian Stoner Band Report #2 and brace yourselves for Colombia´s OLD ENEMIES new release «Llifeless»…

01 Black Sabbath – Wizard (UK)
02 Fumanchu – Burning Road (USA)
03 Kyuss – Whitewater (USA)
04 Acid King – Vertigate#1 (USA)
05 Nebula – To the Center (USA)
06 Saint Vitus – Dark World (USA)
07 Statik Majik – Live in Medellin (BRAZIL)
08 Old Enemies – Lifeless (COLOMBIA)
09 Electric Wizard – Mourning Prayer (UK)
10 Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose (USA)
11 Sleep- Dragonaut (USA)
12 Captain Beyond – fantasy (USA)
13 Hawkind – Master of the Universe (UK)
14 Orange Goblin – The Astral Proyect (UK)
15 Blue Cheer- Peace of Mind (USA)

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