Rock Stoner Radio Colombia – Episodio 9 «Go Greece Lightning»

Episode 9 «Go Greece Lightning», a 2 hour special dedicated to the flourishing Greek Stoner Rock Scene. We talk to our friend and collegue, Vasilis Durden of All The Heavy Lifting Show and get an anthropological outlook on this smokin´ phenomena!

01 Lunarmare «rings of saturn» (KOMOTIN)
02 This is Nowhere «moondub» (SALONICA)
03 The Dive «lock jaw» (ATHENS)
04 Circassian «sally» (ATHENS)
05 Audiobreed «messed up» (PIRAEUS)
06 Purple Dino «truck» (XANTHI)
07 Cube «perfect monkey» (ATHENS)
08 Interview Vasilis Durden – All the Heavy Lifting Show (LARISA)
09 Baetyl «eastern moon» (ATHENS)
10 Weird Totem «green sun» (HERAKLION)
11 1000mods «liquid sleep» (CHILIOMODI)
12 Spacement «abandoned in my prays» (ATHENS)
13 Dopeflood «a planet on 4 legs» (LARISA)
14 De Sades «motherfucking blues» (THESSALONIKI)
15 Bulldoza «how to bake a song» (THESSALONIKI)
16 Planet of Zeus «vanity suit» (ATHENS)
17 Headquake «overheated» (ATHENS)
18 Nightstalker «dead rock commandos» (ATHENS)

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