Sexto programa Podcast FACTOR METAL

Sexto programa del Podcast de FACTOR METAL en esta edición:

Misticia – Chaymantaqa
I.R.A – kill Kill Kill
Totten Korps – Totten Korps
Death Becomes Her – Cellophane Mask
General Surgery – Ichor
Funeral Mist – A New Light
Vomitory – A Lesson In Virulence
Hail Of Bullets – Inferno At The Carpathian Mountains
Necrophobic – For Those Who Stayed Satanic
The Legion – Blood Be Gone
Gorgoroth – Carving A Giant
Unanimated – The Unconquered One
Blood Tsunami – Castle Of Skulls
Warbringer – Jackal
November’s Doom – Empathy’s Greed

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