Décimo Segundo Podcast FACTOR METAL

Décimo segundo podcast de Factor Metal:

Execrator – Evil Inside
Mantra – An Empty Sequence of Life
Cerberus – Ebola
Asphys – Scorbutics
Sothis – Of Night And Silence
Absu – Night Fire Canonization
Destroyer 666 – I Am Not Deceived
Abaddon Incarnate – Burn With The Sun God
Mayhem – Deconsecrate
Immortal – Tyrants
Rotting Christ – The Sign Of Prime Creation
Ancient – Hecate, My Love and Lust
Augury – Faith Puppeteers
Vader – This Is The War
Eluveitie – The Song Of Life


Tambien pueden escucharlo desde
www.tarmanta.com y www.crestametalica.com

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