Rock Stoner Radio Colombia Episodio 17 «Children of the Sun»

For Episode 17, we gather round the cosmic fire to tell tales of the sun transcribed into Stoner Rock and its affinities.

Lista de reproducción

01 Nightstalker – Children of the Sun (GREECE)
02 Baron Greenback – Imploding Sun (UK)
03 Sonora Ritual – Child of the Sun (GERMANY)
04 Doctor Doom – The Sun (FRANCE)
05 Rock Stoner Fuzztival Vol2 promo
06 Last Black Revolver – Right Now (COLOMBIA)
07 Electric Wizard – The Sun has turned Black (UK)
08 Sonic Flower – Black Sunriser (JAPAN)
09 Motorhead – Out of the Sun (UK)
10 Garüda – Charm and Fall into the Sun (SPAIN)
11 Naughty Mouse – Staring at the Sun (BELGIUM)
12 Spirit Caravan – Lost Sun Dance (USA)
13 Sun Eater- Sun Eater (USA)
14 Colour Haze – Sun (GERMANY)
15 At Devil Dirt – Sunshine (Chile)
16 The Lydon Seven – Way Beyond the Sun (SWEEDEN)
17 Wheel – Frozen Sun (France)
18 Samsara Blues Exp – Center of the Sun (GERMANY)

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