Rock Stoner Radio Colombia – Episodio 7 «Spanish Tales of Doom»

Today on Episode 7 «Spanish Tales of Doom» we feature Rasputin Doompriest and his doom related proyects (Warchetype & Great Coven). The music on this set gets real dark but Gigi & Fiamma manage to turn this into the HAPPIEST DOOM SHOW ON EARTH and we get to talk this time around in Catalán & Eusquera along with the usual English and Spanish…. Enjoy!

01 Dopethrone «dark foil» (CANADA)
02 Warchetype «dealing with the devil» (SPAIN)
03 Monbrow «grommet» (CANADA)
04 Warchetype «hangover» (SPAIN)
05 Mammoth Salmon «sacred smoke» (USA)
06 Dirty Grave «god´s intervention» (BRAZIL)
07 Warchetype «itaca» (SPAIN)
08 Belzebong «acid funeral» (POLAND)
09 Great Coven «born old and tired» (SPAIN)
10 Warchetype «Akelarre» (SPAIN)
11 Reverend Bizarre «doom sower» (FINLAND)

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