Rock Stoner Radio Colombia – Episodio 8 “Front Row”

Join us in Front Row with these awesome live performances. We´ll tour festivals, hall, clubs, dive bars and even rehearsal rooms! Being that all the bands here are tone oriented, we spoke to our friend Tim Lovell of Lovell Music Lab (amps, pedals, guitars) here in our hometown of Medellín.

01 Melvins – Lizzie (USA)
02 Volva – Gobernarco (ARG)
03 Om – Live at Jerusalem (USA)
04 1000Mods – Navy in Alice (GREECE)
05 Exporting White Elephants – Mayday (CHILE)
06 Fuzzly – Sea of Mars (BRAZIL)
07 Interview Lovell Music Lab (AUS)
08 Kyuss – Gardenia (USA)
09 Mahat – Solitud (GERMANY)
10 Soma13 – Spirit of Rock & Roll (SPAIN)
11 The Grand Astoria – Wikipedia Surfer, Sanation is Near, To Cross the Rubicon (Russia)
12 St. Vitus – I Bleed Black (USA)
13 Tool – Stinkfest (USA)

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