Trigésimo Primer Podcast FACTOR METAL

Mar de Grises – Sensing The New Orbit
Poema Arcanus – Mars Lullaby
Total Death – Asphyxiating Distance
Bazooka – Hell Commando
Cardiac Arrest – Extinction Endured
Caliber 666 – Genocide
Deadly Remains – Season of Slaughter
Infernaeon – Graven Image
Torture Division – Blood Fueled Chaos
Father Befouled – Christless Mass
Adversarial – Death Rot Monolith
Abominant – The Wolves of Hate
Malevolent Creation – Slaughterhouse
Diabolic – Venomous Habitations
Diluvian – Epidemic
An Autumn for Crippled Children -To Set Sails To The End of The Earth
A Forest of Stars – Thunders Cannonade
Deathspell Omega – Wings of Predation

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