Vigésimo Quinto Podcast FACTOR METAL

Tenebrarum – Mar de Sozobra / Angel of Stone
Raped God 666 – Devilish Aggressor
Witchtrap – Disturbing the Dead
Rotten Sound – Dead Remains
Sayyadina – Mid Livet Som Insats
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace -Information Scars
Rotting Christ – Demonon Vrosis
Reverence – Faith Designs
Sigh – Prelude to the Oracle
Triptykon – Descendant
Divine Eve – The Ravages of Heathen Men
My Dying Bride – A Chapter in Loathing
Panzerfaust – Spear of Famine
Nargaroth – Black Metal Ist Krieg
Ad Hominem – Total Vulkermord

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